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Low Voltage Lighting

Low voltage lighting is not new to landscape design, but it has become increasingly popular as a versatile and dramatic way to showcase your home and garden. There are so many types and purposes for low voltage lighting that Savon Paver’s decided to write a quick crash-course:

Recessed Lighting – this is one of the most popular. The light is mounted directly into a hollowed opening in a surface (like a ceiling or patio deck). This can subtly create the effect that the light is coming “from nowhere” instead of from a lamppost or wall fixture.

Step Lights – these usually mount just under the lip of a step and can functionally help to illuminate a path way as well as add a decorative twinkle to elegant Savon Paver steps.

Wall Lights – these can be a wide variety of fixtures and can create a “wall-washing” effect where the whole home exudes a gentle glow, or a bolder up-lighting or down-lighting effect.

There are also spot lights and flood lights and post lights…

The point is, you’ll want to consider if you want the lights shining down to illuminate your walls and features, or shining up? Do you want a gentler glow, or something bold? Do you want to create effects with shadows and silhouettes or focus on the functional and visibility of your yard? Are you lighting larger area or pathways, steps or features? Savon Paver’s has the design expertise to take your landscaping dreams, and illuminate to their best advantage with some well placed low voltage lighting.

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