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Decorative and Retaining Walls

Traditionally used to hold back a slope, retaining walls have become an elegant and popular mainstay of home landscaping, especially in the mountainous neighborhoods of San Diego. However, with the design variety Savon Pavers offers, you may want one just for decoration!

Decorative and retaining walls can be used to improve the utility of rough or varied terrain, visually stimulate sections of large, uninteresting yard, and provide unique and diverse gardening opportunities. Savon Pavers have additionally used decorative and retaining walls to highlight a landscape feature (like a firepit), delineate a raised garden bed, create a natural looking seating area, or complement the existing design of a house. This kind of paving work takes the landscape and elevates it visually, while blending thematically into the larger style of the home. Whatever natural materials your home features, Savon Pavers can find a paver to accentuate it.

While some decorative and retaining walls have been built with wood, pavers are generally recommended as more durable and longer lasting, which can be particularly important if the wall is functional and intended to last for generations. Whatever your reason for wanting a decorative or retaining wall, Savon Pavers can build the wall that will look as if it should have always been part of the house.

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